SWOCC students react to sex offender moving in next door

NORTH BEND, Ore. -- Authorities are warning residents that a violent sex offender is being released, and some living nearby are uneasy with the arrangement.

Some students told KCBY News they are afraid after learning that Jeremy Klumb will be living close to campus.

Kristina Holland is a Southwestern Oregon Community College (SWOCC) student, who isn't exactly pleased with the thought. "I'm really nervous because it's really close to the school, and there's a lot of teenagers here still," she said.

After serving 16 years for charges of attempted rape, kidnapping and assault, he was released and returned to the same house where he will be living.

According to Klumb's mother, he is now returning to North Bend after serving two years on a burglary conviction in 2011. She says that in the past, he has broken into a home and stole some magazines and women's underwear.

She says in the 2011 burglary, he only took some cologne and other small items.

Klumb tells police he'll be living in the same home with his parents that he lived in before. The arrangement is completely legal, but what has area residents concerned is that SWOCC sits just over a nearby fence.

KCBY News spoke with Joe Thomas, the SWOCC security director, who said Klumb shouldn't be on campus. "I believe it's a condition of his probation and in his release that he's not allowed to be here on campus," he said. "That was the understanding that was reached last time, and as far as I know, nothing has changed."

Klumb's mother said her son is not a dangerous man, and that he is ready to contribute to society.

SWOCC faculty members still see the need to notify students. "As far as faculty goes, it might need mentioning in a couple of classrooms," said Richard Lowe.

Though there is a plan in place for student safety, the possibility of something happening is still on some student's minds.