Swim meet swamps Amazon; other pools 2-for-1 this weekend

EUGENE, Ore. - If the Amazon Pool is closed until Monday, why is it packed with people this weekend?

Nearly 700 youth swimmers hit the water there to race at the Team Eugene Invitational Swim Meet. The pool is closed to the general public to accomodate the race.

But before you get your bathing suit in a bundle,

The meet also brings a cash infusion to the community from the swimmers and their families.

"A meet this size brings in between $300,000 and $375,000 in tourism dollars to the community for lodging and food and gas," said Rich Fay, Eugene Aquatics manager. "So I think it's a positive thing all around."

To help make it up to the swimming public, the city is offering 2-for-1 admission at Echo Hollow and Sheldon pool while Amazon is closed.

"It's an excellent deal," said Scottie Barnes, an Echo Hollow pool regular. "It's already a good value. It's $3.25 for teenagers, which is already a really good value, so to have 2-for-1, it makes it really affordable for families."

The deal worked for Colin Koopman - and exposed him to a new pool.

"I swim at Amazon every day in the summer, but this is actually my first time at Echo Hollow," he said Friday. "I might even try to sneak out here once in a while now that I know about it since it's not as crowded."

And this weekend, 2-for-1 is a very good price, adventure camp counselor Josh Muller said.

"You can't beat it," he said.