Sustainable farm in Walterville sees great late-summer crop

EUGENE, Ore. -- A late summer crop at a non-profit farm near Walterville serves as evidence that habitat conservation and sustainable farming can go hand-in-hand.

The Berggren Demonstration Farm is a 30-acre farming lab along the Lower McKenzie River.

It started 3 years ago as a project by the Eugene Water and Electric Board and the McKenzie River Trust.

"(We're) trying to learn how to farm using less chemicals, less herbicides, and keeping those riparian buffers in, protecting them," said Angela Andre, farm manager for the Berggren Demonstration Farm.

From cucumbers and winter squash to Russian Banana fingerling potatoes, the farm has a little of everything. They also house a menagerie of chickens, ducks, and goats.

"Personally I get a sense or satisfaction of growing food that other folks eat, as well as the connections we make with our neighbors," said Katy Giombolini.

Grants from EWEB and other groups like the Meier Memorial Trust help cover the operation costs.

Andre said nothing from the farm goes to waste. All the produce goes to area farmers markets, local restaurants, and even the Sprout Market in Springfield.