'Suspicious containers' of dead animals found under Santiam bridge

ALBANY, Ore. -- State police briefly held up traffic on Interstate 5 Saturday afternoon while a team moved three suspicious containers filled with small dead animals from underneath the Santiam Bridge, officials said.

A Hazardous Device team removed the containers from underneath the southbound side of the bridge near the rest area at milepost 240 (just north of Albany).

Oregon State Police said a group of children playing at the river saw three containers wrapped in duct tape under the overpass and reported their find to a rest stop caretaker.

The Hazardous Device technicians x-rayed the containers and said they found out they were filled with small, dead animals and birds.

To give the team enough time to safely remove the containers, two state police troopers did a slow roll about 13 miles north of the bridge. The patrol cars drove side by side at about 25 mph for 15 minutes, allowing for a substantial break in traffic at the bridge.

Police officials said they don't know anything about who placed the containers or why.