Surfing U of O: Students hang loose during finals week

EUGENE, Ore. -- Students were surfing simulated waves at the University of Oregon campus during finals week when a group that appeared on the ABC show "Shark Tank" a few moths ago hosted classes at the rec center.

While the students may not have actually been hanging ten in the water, they were getting a fun workout while riding on surfboards that were designed to recreate ocean-like conditions.

Surfset Fitness hosted classes at the student recreation center using the "Rip Surfer X", the product that they featured in ABC's product design and small business competition show, "Shark Tank".

Nick Karwoski with Surfset Fitness told KVAL News that even though the sport of surfing is challenging, their goal is to help make it more accessible to people.

"We're just trying to make it so that we can bridge the gap between the sport of surfing and group fitness," said Karwoski.

"It's definitely a challenging workout, something different," said Haley Britt, a University of Oregon Senior in the business school. "It takes that cool surfing vibe, it's definitely hard to get to, and brings it into a classroom. I think that's a cool aspect of it."

While reporting on the class, KVAL's Smitha George thought that the workout looked like a lot of fun and decided to test it out for herself.

Struggling just to stand, she quickly learned that being on this surfboard is no day at the beach.

In spite of finals week students packed the classes hosted by Surfset Fitness, allowing students to hang loose and surf some of their stress away.