Superintendent: 'We are not giving up the mascot name fight'

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- The superintendent of the Roseburg School District says although they are holding off on filing legal action against the state board's decision on mascot bans, they are still fighting to retain the current mascots.

Dr. Larry Parsons says they released a report on Wednesday, that looked into the possibility of filing legal action against the Oregon State Board of Education, who in May of 2012 handed down the mascot ban.

The board voted to force all schools with a Native American mascot to change their moniker.

Parsons says that although it isn't feasible right now to file a lawsuit, it doesn't mean they are giving up. "It was the consensus of the board to not dedicate resources to litigate the mascot ban until we see what the legislature does," he said.

Parsons spoke with KPIC News on Thursday, saying that the lawsuit was only one option the district is exploring, and that they recognized that at this time, it wouldn't be a strong case.

He says the board is continuing to look into the situation.