Summer brings increased risk of kids falling out windows

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- With the weather heating up many people are opening up their windows, but that simple summer trick could be deadly for your kids.

Every year, Douglas County Fire District #2 Fire Marshal, Jo Pedrola, says they respond to several calls of children falling out of windows.

One of the biggest ways to keep your kids safe is, according to Pedrola, to keep an eye on them.

He also recommends not relying on safety measures that may not actually be so safe. "A lot of misconception that we see out there with falls and children, is parents thinking that the screen will stop the child from falling through, and that is not the case," Pedrola said. "The child is heavy enough, just by weight leaning against the screen, that they will fall through."

Pedrola also recommends keeping furniture away from windows, so that if kids climb onto it and tumble off, they're not in danger of falling out of a window.