Study: One in five people forgets mom on Mother's Day

EUGENE, Ore. -- Even though she made it to every birthday, recital and graduation (from elementary school onward), a recent study shows that one in five people forgets their mom on Mother's Day.

The study put out by Skype and Harris Interactive found that moms might not be getting all the love they deserve, as 20 percent of all children forget to send out a card or present on Mother's Day.

Sherley Lyons, owner of Dandelion's Flowers said that mom's special day makes for their second busiest time of year, rivaled only by Valentine's Day.

She said that her floral shop also sees plenty of people coming in on the Monday after Mother's Day.

"We already staff large for mothers day the day after because so many people go 'I forgot can I still get something there?'," said Lyons.

The study showed that men are more likely to miss the holiday, with 1 of every four sons skipping out on sending a card.

As a member of the male population who remembered to send mom something, Eugene resident Robert Hansch said that those numbers probably have a lot to do with the age of the man.

"That's 'cause they're young. I bet you old people over 35 or 40 most of them remember," Hansch said.

The Skype study says that son-in-laws are the surprising superheroes, however, with nearly half of married men calling on Mother's Day, unprompted by their spouses.

Lyons told KVAL News that they'll deliver around 500 to 600 bouquets over the next two days, showing that the 80 percent that do remember mom make sure her Mother's Day is special.