Study: After-school stress plagues parents

EUGENE, Ore. - There's something termed "after-school stress": When kids are out of class for the day, their parents worry - and a parent's productivity at work drops.

According to a study done by Brandeis University, parental after-school stress happens when kids get out of school but parents are still at work.

"I work out of a home office, so when they get out of school, it's the hustle and bustle of picking them up and getting them fed and then trying to get back in the office and tie things up," said Kathryn Schartz.

The study shows parents lose productivity - and that keeping kids busy could help.

"If a child has extra interests in music or science or something of that matter, I think it's great they can explore their hobbies in their free time," said parent Lisa Alsip.

The Eugene YMCA and other after-school programs can help.

"I think parents want a safe place for their kid to be, so when they choose the Y, they know their kids are going to be safe, they're going to be active, they know their kids are going to be busy and that there will be people caring for them just as much as they would care for them if they didn't have to work," said Holly Kriz-Anderson with Eugene YMCA Child Care.

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