Students start petition to repeal 'Social Host Ordinance'

EUGENE, Ore. -- Some University of Oregon students are pushing to repeal Eugene's Social Host Ordinance that hits party hosts with a hefty $1,000 fine.

In early January the City of Eugene adopted the social host ordinance, which imposes penalties for "unruly gatherings".

The group behind the petition says they want to repeal the ordinance because they feel it is expensive and discriminatory.

The group of students has to gather almost 7,700 signatures to get a repeal on the ballot.

Some of the UO students who signed the petition say the fines could hurt a student's chances for educational success.

"A lot of students here are just like inching day by day, trying to find jobs on campus ... which is always hard," UO student Taylor Robinson said.

Taylor's classmate Kevin Fajardo chimed in, saying, "Especially for a student budget. We don't necessarily have $1,000 to throw around when we spend like $400 a term on books."

The Attorneys Office titled the ballot initiative the "repeal of city ordinance on unruly gatherings".

The ordinance defines a gathering or party as "unruly" if two or more of the following happen:

  • Partygoers or hosts violate laws relating to sale, service, possession or consumption of alcohol (minor in possession, furnishing to minors, etc.)

  • If there is an assault, menacing, harassment, intimidation, disorderly conduct, noise disturbance, criminal mischief, littering, public urination or defecation

For more on the Social Host Ordinance visit the Eugene City's website.