Students perform musical in memory of beloved teacher

EUGENE, Ore. - Students at Madison Middle School spent the second half of the school year writing, planning and rehearsing a musical tribute to their beloved teacher, Andy Morgenstern.

Morgenstern died last fall after suffering a heart attack.

People who worked with Morgenstern said he had a special connection with the 8th graders he taught, and his passing is still hard on some of the students.

That's why music director Tim Walter decided to give the students an opportunity to celebrate Morgenstern's life and to say goodbye.

"Attics of My Life was a way to have our students deal with the process of losing a longtime, loved social studies teacher," Walter said.

Over 200 people came out to see the performance Thursday night.

All the proceeds from the musical will fund The Andy Morgenstern Memorial Mentorship Program, which will help 8th graders transition to high school - a service Morgenstern championed.