Students 'crowdfund' bike racks for school

EUGENE, Ore. - Students at Sheldon High School turned to the Internet in an attempt to raise money to replace the school's bicycle racks.

The students are using Citizinvestor to try to raise $1,080 in 32 days to pay for 17 new bicycle racks. A donation of $60 will purchase capacity for two bikes.

The existing racks date to the 1960s and leave bicycles vulnerable to theft and damage. The students dubbed the existing racks "wheel benders" for the damage the low racks can cause to bicycle wheels.

"Green Club, a student-led group at Sheldon High School, is working with the school district to raise money to replace these old wheel-bending racks with new 'inverted-U' style racks that allow the frame of the bicycle to be securely locked," the fundraising page explains. "The project consists of installing 70 new inverted-U style racks, each with a 2-bike capacity, in a covered area in front of the high school."