Students + bikes + cars = crazy campus traffic

EUGENE, Ore. - Mary Bell says bicycling to class at the University of Oregoncan be kind of crazy.

"There's a lot of people everywhere and pedestrians don't watch bikes, so you have to be on the lookout," she said.

Bicyclists have to watch out for other bicyclists, too.

"I almost wiped out when there was a guy that stepped on his brakes unexpectedly and I almost crashed right into him," Bell said.

And many bicyclists aren't paying attention to others, either.

"Sometimes they're not really watching out for other pedestrians like they'll just like cut in front of a pedestrian," said student Jack Brigleb.

Add cars and busses to the equation and it all adds up to a complicated traffic situation near campus.

"It's just been kind of hard with a lot of traffic with pedestrians and bikes," said Tori Landin, a UO freshman, "but I haven't ventured with cars too much yet." [Duration:0'07"]

So before you head out into that bike lane, heads up.

"There's a lot of kind of being focused on the self and not necessarily being obviously aware of surroundings," said Kelly McIver with the UO Police Department.

McIver said some students are distracted by cell phones. Others just feel invincible.

But the rules of the road apply to everyone, he said.

"Watching out for other people. Driving defensively. "Whether you're driving a car or riding a bike it's not assuming that another person is going to see you or to necessarily stop or yield when they should."