Student stabbed helping woman: 'He had her hands pinned down'

CORVALLIS, Ore. -- A Corvallis man said he was stabbed with a sword early Saturday morning when he tried using the weapon to defend a woman being held down against her will the the Oregon State campus.

Isaac Granberry told our reporters that the incident started early Saturday morning when he heard a girl scream outside his apartment.

The 19-year-old Oregon State University student said he brought a cane with a pull-out sword handle when he went to investigate the screams from outside.

"At the end of the parking lot, these guys were following a girl and one of them tackled her," Granberry said. "He had her hands pinned above her head and was straddling her in the bad way."

Granberry said he hit the man pinning the woman in the head with the cane's handle. That's when he says he was thrown to the ground by the man's friends.

"They got the cane out of my hand and took the sword part out. Then for about 40 seconds they started hitting me in my head, my chest. I guess they stabbed me, too," said Granberry. "For that 40 seconds it really sucked."

Granberry said he wasn't sure what happened to the men that attacked him. He was taken to the Good Samaritan Hospital with serious injuries.