Student information hacked from 4J computer

EUGENE, Ore. - An unknown person accessed confidential files belonging to thousands of 4J students sometime last week.

According to 4J Schools, someone used a district computer to access confidential files that are used to transfer data between 4J's student information and student meal programs.

The files included student personal information such as names, student ID numbers, addresses, dates of birth, and in some cases phone numbers, Social Security numbers, and students' free or reduced price school lunch statuses.

"This data that was breached did cover all or nearly all current 4J students and as well there was a similar file from 2007," said Kerry Delf, spokesperson for 4J schools. "So possibly some former students who are no longer in the system as well."

Delf said sensitive information like this puts all students at risk of identity theft.

Chris Forrester's six year-old daughter, Maebee, attends River Road/El Camino Del Rio Elementary School.

Forrester said he is deeply concerned about who has access to his daughter's personal information.

"I think it's outrageous because I'm going to have a cow when I go to file my daughter's taxes and them tell me somebodys already claimed my daughter," Forrester said.

Delf said that the district is sharing information about the breach and about steps that students potentially affected can do to protect against misuse of their personal information.

"Some changes that we made include trying to strengthen our password security and also ensuring that as little information as possible is contained in places where it can be accessed by multiple staff," Delf said.

However, Forrester argued the damage has already been done.

"It's just like you have to sit here and take it," Forrester said. "It's like what do you do?"

Authorities are still investigating the case.

The 4J school district said they are in the process of notifying parents about the security breach.