'Stranger danger': Attempted kidnapping near River Road

EUGENE, Ore..- Eugene Police are looking for a man they say tried to kidnap a toddler from her home near River Road around 10:30 Tuesday night.

Officers say the mother and her daughter were home alone when the toddler screamed. The mother saw a man, who had opened the front door, and tried to grab the girl.

The mother fought back and the man left. Lt. Sam Kamkar says the family didn't know the suspect. "Situations like this are extremely rare. We do try to be vigilant."

Eugene Police have a few tips on how to keep you and your family safe. Always keep your doors locked, your windows shut, and keep your valuables out of sight.

Kamkar says thieves look for a crime of opportunity.

Jean Large has a child of her own and was surprised to hear about the attempted kidnapping. She teaches her daughter about strangers.

"She knows a lot about stranger danger. She doesn't talk to anyone she doesn't know. She knows to come straight home if someone tries to talk to her."

The Large family has a password system. "I have to go home and my mom has this thing that like kinda is a code and I ask them the code," says Jean's daughter Jennifer.

Jean adds, "if someone's meeting her at the bus and they say 'oh your mom wants you to go with us.' If they don't know that code, she doesn't go."

Police say having a plan in place is key to safeguarding your family from outside dangers.