Story helps family find man who saved son's life

EUGENE, Ore. - As Dennis Ross pedaled home along the Amazon bike path early July 5, he came across Micky Bredfield's unconscious body as the man choked on vomit and blood.

Ross propped up Micky with a backpack.

Then he headed to a nearby convenience store to call 911 and give the injured man a fighting chance at life.

"I had my doubts, I did," Ross said Tuesday, "but I was praying for him, and time is of the essence in a situation like that."

Medics rushed Micky to the hospital, where he has been in a medically induced coma.

And although it will be a long road, it is looking like Micky will make a full recovery, his family said.

And that's something that would never have been possible without Ross, said Micky's brother Cary Bredfield.

They just didn't know who to thank until Tuesday.

"I want to just thank him from the bottom of my heart for what he's done," said Mike Bredfield, Micky's father. "He saved my family. He saved my son's life."

The Bredfield family shared their story with KVAL News on Monday in hopes of finding the passerby who found Micky and called for help.

Someone who knew Ross saw the story and called him. The friend lent Ross a phone so he could contact KVAL News. News staff put him in touch with Micky's family.

Ross and the Bredfields spoke on the phone Tuesday and plan to meet for lunch in the near future.

"I told him you know, me and my mom, we feel like you're part of the family now," Cary Bredfield said. "If you ever need anything, a ride, food, any kind of place to stay, we're here for you."

Ross said he had only started taking that route home 2 days earlier after moving his camp.

"It makes me feel good that people are grateful because I'm homeless myself, and it makes me feel really good," Ross said.

"I'm glad to help and I'm glad to be helped," he said. "Life is a two way street, you know. You help each other."