Storm pounds parks: 'This is a lot worse than I thought it'd be'

COBURG, Ore. - Downed trees littered the parking lots at Armitage Park when Ed Lotz arrived to start cleaning up Monday.

"I was expecting bad news this morning. This is a lot worse than I thought it'd be," Lotz said. "I've been a field worker since the 80s, and I haven't seen it this bad. We've probably got 3 weeks of work at Armitage."

Lane County has closed Armitage, Hendricks Bridge and Howard Buford county parks in the aftermath of the snow and ice storm that hit the region last week.

The dog park at Armitage remains open, but the boat ramp and picnic areas area closed.

Buford contains the popular Mount Pisgah Arboretum.

Willamalane Parks & Recreation said Dorris Ranch and the Middle Fork trail are both closed due to downed trees.

Ice accumulated on the branchings, bringing down limbs and whole trees. The debris has made passage impossible - and conditions perilous.

"We're just trying to get the parking lots open," Lotz said at Armitage on Monday. "Then we'll have to get our trucks in here, start limbing some of the higher stuff."

Crews are clearing both branches that fell to the ground as well as broken limbs still stuck up in the trees.