Storm dumps triple the rain on Eugene than Portland

EUGENE, Ore. - When driving home on their Monday evening commute, Eugene residents welcomed some strong showers back to the Willamette Valley.

24-hour rainfall totals
RAWS = remote weather station

Eugene 1.70
Dunes RAWS (Florence) 2.66
Mapleton 3.90
Eugene Airport 1.38
Corvallis 0.96
Salem 0.80
Portland 0.50
Sweet Home 1.47
Nehalem 1.79
Newport 1.21
Astoria 1.19

Goodwin Peak RAWS 5.03
Cedar Creek RAWS 3.16
McKenzie Snotel 4.00
Detroit Lake 2.39
Cottage Grove 1.06
North Fork Snotel 4.50
Santiam Junction 3.00
Mount Hood 2.70

"Oh, we were ready for some," said Louis Defrank, a resident in South Eugene.

The rain hit harder in the southern Willamette Valley than to the north, with Eugene posting more than double the rainfall of Salem and triple the rainfall of Portland.

The heavy downpour created dangerous deep puddles for drivers in the South Eugene area Monday evening.

"I'm worried about whether it's going to hamper the brakes at all," Defrank said. "It sure makes a mess."

Cyclists pedaling through the rain were no exception.

"If you're going down a hill, you can slip and fall," said Cameron Fox, a south Eugene cyclist.

While it creates a few hazards on the roadway, the Defrank family in south Eugene is thrilled to feel that familiar mist.

"I've been living in Oregon since 1960 and I've kind of missed the rain," Defrank said. "It just feels like Oregon."

A group of football players with the Willamette Valley Pop Warner team was practicing through the rain and mud on Monday evening.

The young football players said there is no better way to practice than in the rain.

"I personally love it," said Kyron Gorman, a player on the team. "It's nice, it's football weather."

Many of those large puddles could be sticking around through the next day or so.

If drivers see one ahead, it is best to either drive around it or choose a different route.

If a driver does drive through it, tap on the brake pedal lightly to dry off some of the water on the rotors.