Stolen wheelchair returned with apology note

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- Roseburg police say a wheelchair stolen from a home on Walnut Street was returned Wednesday, complete with an apology note.

On Monday, Roseburg police asked for help from the public in locating a wheelchair that was stolen from a young boy who suffers from cerebral palsy.

Police say there was an outpouring of support from several local businesses and citizens who wanted to help the family of young Brandon.

On Wednesday, the Brandon's grandmother called and reported that the wheelchair had been returned.

The family went outside and found the wheelchair at the end of the driveway, with a handwritten note attached.

The note was an apology from the suspect for stealing the wheelchair, and police say the family thinks it was written by a juvenile.

Rachel Kerstetter, Brandon's mother, says she doesn't bear a grudge against whoever stole her son's wheelchair.

She's just grateful it was returned. "We're not upset. We're thankful that they were nice enough to give it back, that, we just hope they they learned a lesson," she said.

While the chair went missing, the community came together offering to fundraise to get a new one for Brandon.

Patrice Kerstetter, Brandon's grandmother, says that just goes to show that there is still good in the world. "We all need to know that there's still good out there," she said. "So, from this being stolen and so many people reaching out, it's been awesome to know that people really are still human and they're out there."

Now that the chair has been returned, it might not be the victims that may have learned the biggest lesson. "People willing to stand up and say they made a mistake, that's important," said Patrice. "This is what it's about: standing up and doing what's right."

The Roseburg Police Department would also like to thank the community for their support and generous offers.