Stay safe in hot weather

Pets and children are especially susceptible to hot weather. Photo by Ellen Meny.

EUGENE, Ore. - As warmer weather approaches Lane County, the National Weather Service is reminding people to be careful in hotter temperatures.

The National Weather Service outlined some tips on how to stay safe and cool during hot weather:

  • Remember to wear sunscreen, even when the weather turns cloudy.
  • If working in the sun, be sure to take plenty of breaks in the shade and stay hydrated.
  • Limit strenuous exercise outside and keep water with you.

The National Weather Service also promotes car safety in hot weather. They report in 2016, 39 children died from heatstroke while they were in cars. Car heat deaths can happen anytime of the year, but especially in the spring and summer.

  • Never leave children or pets inside an unattended car in hot or sunny weather.
  • It takes only a few minutes for a car left in the sun and heat to become dangerously hot, especially for children and pets.

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