Start your chainsaws: Reedsport welcomes carvers to competition

REEDSPORT, Ore. - A record number of carvers from around the world have started carving their masterpieces at the Chainsaw Carving Championships.

Carvers have four days to transform a piece of wood into a vision of art

Some are pros, and others are first time competitors.

Sandra Reiner, a mother of two and a nurse by trade, was given a chainsaw as a gift for her 40th birthday

"First I'm afraid of chainsaws," she said, "but now I can't live without it. It's a wonderful thing to do."

She plans on carving a shark swimming through water

Traditionally, the size of the scupture has been favored..

"No longer is that the case," said George Kenny, master carver and this year's guest MC.

Judges are looking for the "wow" factor.

"What makes you go, OK, I don't think that could have been done," Kenny said. "I mean they're adding pieces, they're cutting their logs into weird pieces, they're doing entirely different things with their log."

The competition runs throughout the weekend. A champion will be crowned on Sunday.