Stalked by a serial killer: 'They said this man is going to kill you'

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RIDDLE, Ore. - To Sarah Pisan, excited about her new job as a gas station manager in Las Vegas, Robert Generoso had the car, the look, the money.

She just didn't want to date him.

The 19-year-old had three children and was busy with her new job.

What followed is the subject of an upcoming episode of "Obsession: Dark Desires."

"He started coming in on a daily basis," Pisan said, "and then one day he asked me out."

Generoso persisted.

"He didn't want to take no for an answer," said Pisan, who now lives in Oregon.

The upcoming "Obsession" segment is based on her experience being stalked by a serial killer - Stephen Peter Morin, the man she knew as Generoso.

Morin was later put to death by lethal injection in Texas, convicted of three murders - and suspected in dozens more.

"I finally looked at him," PIsan recalled of Morin's repeated requests for a date, "and said, call me sometime.

"And he said OK, and he took off and he left," Pisan said, "and probably 10 minutes later the phone went off in my booth."

"I've been looking forward to this day for a very long time," she heard.

She skipped the date.

Soon after, Las Vegas Metro police called her mom in Bullhead City, about 100 miles south of Vegas.

"She said I just got off the phone call with metro police," Pisan recalled, "and they've linked you to a homicide."

They told her that her best friend and coworker had been killed.

The killer had left behind his wallet.

And in his wallet were Pisan's name and address.

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