Springfield woman watches as her car is stolen

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. -- On Monday night, Betty Walsh says she was inside her home talking to a friend when she heard a car engine.

She looked outside, and her car was all the way out the driveway - and she had no clue who was inside.

"It was like 'oh my God! There's only one key and I have it,'" said Walsh. "It's really an odd sensation when you watch your things get stolen in front of you."

Police said the suspect, Michael Querback of Eugene, used a shaved key to steal the Honda. Sgt. Richard Jones says that's a common way people steal Hondas, and they've seen it more in recent years.

"There's no damage to the ignition or the lock when its done. It just fits in and they use it to unlock the door and then work the ignition to get the car started," said Jones.

Shortly after the car was stolen, police spotted it.

They tried to stop the driver, but police say he led them on a high speed chase. Minutes later, police say the driver, later identified as Querback, drove the car into a small tree in the back parking lot of Gateway Mall and then ran inside.

Police said Querback ran through Kohl's as people pointed police in the right direction.

Officers chased Querback on foot through the mall and across Gateway Street, police said. There was a brief fight, and then police took him into custody.

Walsh eventually got her car back, but she's still shocked how it all unfolded.

"I thank the gods that I saw what I did when I did and the police were able to see him right away and I got my car back in one piece," she said.