Springfield schools not required to do student head counts

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. -- To a five-year-old, an elementary school playground can be a big place.

Anna Curcio says it was for her son, Kaylib, when he got lost after recess at Riverbend Elementary School.

"The whistle blew. Kaylib did not hear the whistle. He kept on playing, waited for an adult to come out. They didn't find him," said Curcio.

Kaylib told his mother that he eventually went inside the school, saw a teacher, and was told to go back to class, which Curcio said was empty. Anna said her son was then left alone in the classroom for almost a half hour.

According to Curcio, school teachers don't take a head count of the kids when they transition from location to location.

Devon Ashbridge, a communications specialist with Springfield Public Schools, says it's up to teachers to decide whether or not to do a head count.

Curcio said she's started volunteering with other parents to help keep an eye on kids while they are at school. Curcio said she's afraid that schools don't have the resources to keep all the children supervised.