Springfield PD: Teen charged in vandalism spree

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. - Officers took two suspects into custody for a vandalism spree through a Springfield neighborhood early Tuesday morning.

Neighbors said they woke to find someone had spray-painted racial slurs on eleven cars and garages in the early morning hours.

Springfield police responded to the graffiti call on Oakdale Street at around 12:45 a.m. Tuesday.

Kylene Rush, whose garage was hit, said it was scary to be woken up by police in the normally quiet neighborhood.

"I think the words are very disrespectful and I would hate to drive my car around with that on it so it's very offensive," said Rush.

Police say one of the suspects was taken to the John Serbu Juvenile Justice Center. The other was released because it did not look like he was participating, Springfield Police said.

The suspect taken to Serbu is being charged with trespass, criminal mischief and intimidation - due to the racial nature of the graffiti comments.