Spay and neuter clinic hits 25,000 mark: 'She's a big milestone!'

EUGENE, Ore. -- A local spay and neuter clinic hit a milestone Friday in their effort to prevent unwanted animals from hitting the streets.

While a cute dog can wag its way into just about anyone's heart, pawing into a permanent home isn't as easy.

Jill Winans, the president of Willamette Animal Guild - or WAG, says shelters in Lane County do their best to adopt out orphaned cats and dogs, but there are just too many of them.

"Our objective is getting every animal a loving home," said Winans. "We feel like that's impossible if a cat is having 3 litters a year and a dog is having 2 litters a year."

On Friday, Shasta the Husky puppy came into the WAG Spay/Neuter Clinic at Royal and Highway 99. She was the 25,000 animal to be spayed or neutered at WAG.

"She's a big milestone! We've been open 5 years now so that means we've averaged about 5 thousand a year," Winans said.

The trained staff of volunteers helps comfort the animals coming out of surgery and helps to regulate their body temperature by wrapping them up in clinic-created warming sweaters.

"That's the first thing we put on 'em, and the last thing we take off," said Winans.

The WAG clinic estimates that by fixing those animals they've kept about 125,000 more animals off the streets and out of shelters.