South coastline has state's highest salmon catch rates

WINCHESTER BAY, Ore. -- Those hoping to reel in some salmon off the Oregon Coast this weekend have a better chance of doing so off the shores of Winchester Bay.

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife found the catch rates at the bay and other southwest Oregon spots have been the best for catching the Chinook salmon during the fall run.

"What we've noticed here is that the weather has been outstanding this year. The bar conditions have been good," said Paul Stallard, a manager with the Salmon Harbor Marina. "It's been an outstanding season."

Anglers like Josh Nelson agree, saying this is the best season for the region in the last decade.

"We only caught one but it was a 30 pounder. So it was a good day," said Nelson.

There's still time, anglers typically fish the ocean through October before shifting to the rivers.