'Soon it's going to start raining - and it isn't going to stop'

EUGENE, Ore. - A windy blast of rain washed over Western Oregon on Thursday morning, prompting the first flooding calls of fall in Eugene.

"I'm trying to keep the leaves off the flood basins here so we can drain the water out of the streets and keep from getting splashed," said Wyatt Sebright with the maintenance team.

Of course, to paraphrase former Gov. Ted Kulongoski: This is Oregon. It rains here.

"Pretty typical fall weather," Laughton Elliot-Deangelis said over at the University of Oregon. "It's beautiful if you're wearing the right gear. It's awful if you're not."

It pays to be prepared.

"Rain boots, hiking boots - waterproof is key," Elliot-Deangelis. "A good friend of mine in Seattle always used to say, enjoy the weather now, because someday soon it's going to start raining- and it isn't going to stop."