'Sometimes it's hard to tell how deep a pothole is'

      EUGENE, Ore. - Willamette. Jefferson. River Road. West 11th.

      Watch where you drive: you might fall in.

      "Those potholes are really starting to form with a vengence," said Damon Joyner, surface maintanence supervisor for Eugene Public Works.

      The culprit: this winter's weather.

      "Water that's getting in those defects, then freezes," Joyner said. "As it freezes, it expands. It starts to disintegrate the road structure itself, and as a result we start to see potholes."

      City crews were dispatched Tuesday to a hazardous pothole on W. 11th. They dropped the patchwork, shoveled in the materials and moved on to the next one. | REPORT A POTHOLE IN EUGENE

      "This time of year we do a temporary repair," Joyner said. "Then we track those so that in the summer months we can come back and dig them out and do a permanent repair."

      In rainy conditions, a good reminder is to be cautious when approaching a pothole.

      "Sometimes it's hard to tell how deep a pothole is," Joyner said, "especially this time of year when they're full of water."