Someone broke nearly 40 car windows, and police are finding out who

(KVAL image)

EUGENE, Ore – Eugene police are getting closer to finding the suspect who broke the windows of nearly 40 vehicles.

Dozens of people came home from Labor Day weekend to shattered car windows in Southeast Eugene.

Police believe every window was broken by the same person, who possibly used a BB gun.

The vehicles hit were the ones parked in driveways.

Police say it was a senseless act of criminal mischief.

“It's very unfortunate when you come out and see your vehicle and, for no rhyme or reason, it's been damaged. Windows are expensive to replace and depending on the type of car you have, it costs more,” said Melinda McLaughlin with Eugene Police Department.

Police have narrowed down a potential suspect.

They said this person drives a 1990 black Audi.

Police said if you've been victimized by this incident, go online or call the police non-emergency line to make a report.

If you have any information that could lead police to solving this case, report it to police.

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