'Some gas stations charge as much as 10 cents extra per gallon'

EUGENE, Ore. -- Charging gas to your card at the pump could be costing you more, as some stations add extra fees for using a credit or debit.

Stations like 76 Gas Stations charge 10 cents more per gallon when drivers use a card.

Officials with 76 were unavailable to comment on the extra fee, however Dwight Williams, station manager of the Chevron on Willamette, said stations use it to cover what they are charged by the credit card companies.

"Some (stations) charge as much as 10 cents extra per gallon, some even charge you 25 cents. They get charged by every card that gets used so they're passing that expense on to the customers now," said Williams.

One way to avoid an increased price-per-gallon is to pay with cash at the pump, Williams said. Gas station attendants can also tell you what the fees are for using cards.