'Some children don't even have a toothbrush or a bar of soap'

EUGENE, Ore- The music, decorations and Christmas trees get you into the holiday spirit. The anticipation and excitement of receiving presents is great but many say the gift of giving means much more.

Students at Eugene Christian School had a chance to donate dozens of boxes filled with gifts to Operation Christmas Child.

"It feels good and you just know that you gave someone a great gift and that they will appreciate it," said Anna Poole. She's a fifth grader at Eugene Christian.

The kids and their teachers delivered the gifts to the donation center, located at Hope Chapel in West Eugene.

"We send shoe boxes to third world countries. And we donate hygiene items, school supplies for the kids. Some clothing for them and a stuffed animal so they can love it," said coordinator Rosie Melton.

The national organization aims to reach more than 100,000,000 children this holiday season in countries like the Philippines and Mongolia.

This kind of community service impacts everyone involved.

"I think it's huge in helping them build character and not be all about me, give me, give me, and helping them understand that some children don't even have a toothbrush or a bar of soap. That it's a huge treat for them to get those simple gifts instead of a Wii or a Nintendo," said fifth grade teacher Patty Duncan.

You can bring gifts to Hope Chapel until Monday. They will then be sent to San Diego and distributed to countries around the world.