Snip City! March Madness a popular time for vasectomies

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. - Looking for the right time to get a vasectomy?

Doctors across the U.S. have found a tie between March Madness and vasectomies among men.

The Oregon Urology Institute in Springfield performs 10 percent more vasectomies in March than any other time of year.

"We're probably doing about 20 more vasectomies during this month than we would at other times during the year," said Dr. Bryan Mehlhaff, a urologist at the Oregon Urology Institute.

Dr. Mahlhaff said men often schedule their vasectomy during this time because there is plenty of basketball to watch while they recover.

"They have an excuse to stay at home, watch TV and lounge on the couch," Dr. Mehlhaff said.

Dr. Mehlhaff said the appointment books are already full and they are expected to stay that way until the Final Four.

"Maybe some guys are waiting for the latter part of the bracket where the games get a little more competitive," Mehlhaff said.

The Oregon Urology Institute is offering a special promotion they refer to as "Snip City."

If men get vasectomies during March Madness, the institute provides the patient with a special recovery kit. The kit includes a t-shirt, 3D glasses, Sports Illustrated and a cooler.

Dr. Mehlhaff said the promotion is all about making men feel more comfortable with the surgery.

"I think there is this natural hesitancy some men have, but they shouldn't," Mehlhaff said. "It's not a big deal."

The special March Madness promotion is not only happening in Springfield, Ore., however.

Urology clinics in Alabama, Arizona, Ohio and other states are also promoting the surgery during this time of year as well.