Smoke in sky: 'We are hoping for clearer weather soon'

EUGENE, Ore. - Those aren't clouds overhead.

It's smoke from wildfires burning in southern Oregon - and points south.

"We get drainage winds overnight from the south, southeast area," said Jo Niehaus with the Lane Regional Air Protection Agency, "so we are getting some smoke from as far away as northern California."

The haze gave the air an orange hue - great for brilliant sunsets. | SHARE YOUR PHOTOS

But what about breathing?

Niehaus said it looks worse than it is.

"We aren't affected by it currently because the winds continue to move the smoke out of the way and it's not dropping the particulate matter on to us," she said.

That could change as air patterns change this week.

"It's hard to tell, but winds are changing all the time," Niehaus said. "We are hoping for clearer weather soon."

Air Quality: Lane County | Statewide

Annotated satellite image from Aug. 4, 2014