Slow down: Neighbors raise money for speed camera

EUGENE, Ore. - "Cross street with caution, vehicles may not stop," a robotic voice repeats. "Cross street with caution, vehicles may not stop."

"I'll see a car approaching and they will speed up before the pedestrian steps into the street to like beat them to it," said Kelly Utsey, who lives near the intersection of Agate Street and E. 22nd Avenue in Eugene. "They should be stopping for the flashing lights and letting the pedestrians cross the street."

The intersection sits on a hill, making it difficult for drivers and pedestrians to see the other.

Neighbors say the lighted crosswalk does not slow cars and they're fearful for the young students that attend edison elementary one block away.

"We should be able to walk in this neighborhood and walk safely," Elga Brown said. "My concern is for the children. I'm just terribly afraid."

Agate Street resient Ken Kato said neighbors teamed up to raise $40,000 to buy the city a speed camera to placed near the intersection.

Neighbors say the Eugene Police Department says they do not have the funds for an officer to regularly patrol the area.

They say the city says speed bumps are not an option becuase of the nearby Eugene-Springfield fire station at E. 17th Avenue and Agate Street.

"It's a great piece of infrastructure that's there to try and make it safer," nearby resident and father of two Ken Kato says. "You're taking a bit of a leap of faith, there's nothing to slow traffic down."

Kato and others say they are on board, but know there is not one answer. They say hopefully it's an offer the city can't refuse.