Slacklining: 'It's a lot of core strength'

CORVALLIS, Ore. -- Professional slackliners were at Oregon State University Monday and Tuesday showing off their skills and helping others learn the sport.

Gibbons Slacklines partnered with Dodge and Fiat to host a professional slacklining campus tour.

Slacklining is the act of balancing along a narrow, flexible piece of webbing which is low to the ground and usually anchored between two trees.

Professional slackliner Josh Greenwood said the sport has been around since the 1970's, but within the last year, professional slacklining has become increasingly popular.

Greenwood and other professionals from the U.S. National Team were featured on Madonna's stage during her Super Bowl XLVI halftime show. "Since then, the sport blew up. We've been all over the place," said Greenwood.

He says the sport provides several health benefits. "It's alot of core strength and it's a really, really good workout. Slacklines move in circular motion and alot of people like it because it trains those legs. It's a full body workout so you're gonna engage your body in ways that you usually don't get with other sports," said Greenwood.