Skeletal remains found in Santiam State Forest

SANTIAM STATE FOREST, Ore. -- Skeletal remains were found in the woods near Detroit Lake on Saturday and Marion County Sheriff's Office detectives are working on identifying who they belong to.

A civilian initially reported the remains to Linn County Sheriff's Office. However the case was transferred to Marion County Sheriff's Office because the remains were found on the west side of Detroit Lake, which is considered MCSO's territory.

Officials have not confirmed if the remains are human but said Monday that they believe the remains are human.

Sheriff's Lieutenant Tad Larson said that only the immediate forested area around the remains were closed. He added that campers and hikers visiting the area during Labor Day weekend were not turned away from recreational areas of the Santiam State Park.

Reports from detectives and investigators working the area are periodical because of a lack of cell phone reception in the area. Officials said that information will be released when it becomes available.