Skateboarder recovering from crash crosses finish line on his feet

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EUGENE, Ore. -- Scott Svetal faces a challenging recovery from a head injury after a skateboard crash six months ago near the University of Oregon. his family said he wasn't wearing a helmet.

Friends and family showed support for the 20-year-old on Saturday by running a fundraiser/helmet awareness 5K in Amazon Park. Scotty's former classmates say he became familiar with the trails while running on the Churchill High School track team.

Scotty was alongside his loved-ones for every foot of the 5K, navigating the pathways from his wheelchair.

He's still in recovery, but Svetal shocked everyone at the fundraiser by making it across the finish line on his own two feet.

Svetal was struck by a car while skating around the U of O campus neighborhoods nearly 6 months ago. He was not wearing a helmet and suffered serious head injuries.

"We really want to raise awareness so other people don't have to go through this tragic event," said Scotty's father, Mike Svetal.

Supporters wore shirts that said "Seize The Day" at the fund raiser 5K. Mike says his son embodies that slogan, because it takes a lot of energy and motivation while trying to regain motor skills.

"Scotty has a saying, tomorrow is a beautiful day. We just hope that Scotty's journey will encourage others," said Mike.