Shops see uptick in women buying guns

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- One local business says women in Roseburg are fired up about guns.

A local gun store owner says women are his chief patrons.

Lisa Jones is one of those women, and she even had her gun tailored to fit her personality. "I want something that belongs to me, to have a personality of my own," she said. "If I could rhinestone it, I probably would."

Lisa says she got a concealed handgun permit in 2011.

Her mom did the same when she was growing up. "I think in our area it's probably less taboo than other areas."

That appears to be the case at a Roseburg gun shop.

At Mid Oregon Armory, they say sales to women have increased dramatically.

Owner Steve Graves says the cases once filled with handguns is now empty, and a lot of women have been coming in asking for them. "Our chief patron since we opened is a lot of women," he said. "Of course, we have our normal male customers, but the bulk of our new shooters are not male, they're mostly women."

Graves says he's been noticing more female shooters since December, around the time of the Sandy Hook shooting.

"A lot of scary situations happen that may prompt somebody to get a handgun, whether it happens to you, a friend, or a loved one," Lisa said.