Sheriff: Woman shot twice while walking home

BENTON COUNTY, Ore. -- The Benton County Sheriff's office says a 60-year-old woman was shot while she was walking to her home on Reese creek Road.

Deputies say the 60-year-old woman had just retrieved a newspaper and was walking to her house in the 27000 block of Reese Creek, when she reported hearing about 40 gunshots.

The woman was struck twice, once in the lower back and once in the buttocks.

Deputies say the woman continued to walk towards her residence until she was picked up by a passing motorist. She was given a ride home, where her boyfriend called 911.

Authorities say they contacted Jeffery Field, 47, and Lena Potter, 37 at 24863 Dawson Road.

They told deputies they had been target practicing on their property at the time the victim had reported being shot.

Officials say they had been shooting down the heavily forested hill, and were not aware that someone had been shot.

Deputies say they recovered the two handguns and ammunition Field and Potter had been using.

Authorities say the woman who was shot was flown to Good Samaritan Hospital by a REACH helicopter. They said her injuries did not appear life threatening.