Sheriff: SWAT responds to standoff south of Eugene

GOSHEN, Ore. -- SWAT teams were called out to help deputies deal with a standoff south of Goshen Thursday afternoon, the Lane County Sheriff's Office said.

Deputies were called out at around 11:30 a.m. Thursday to do a welfare check to a home near the the intersection of Scharen and Hampton Roads. The man ran inside after he saw that law enforcement officers had firearms, officials said.

Lane County Sgt. Steve French said 52-year-old Bart Swancoat was alone inside the house and had access to firearms.

After trying to negotiate with Swancoat over the phone, law enforcement officers reportedly used pepper gas to get the man out of the house. Sgt. French said that there were no shots fired.

Swancoat was arrested and booked into the Lane County Jail on four counts of menacing, three counts of pointing a firearm and a count of disorderly conduct.

Officials said this isn't the first time the sheriff's office has been called out to this address.

Swancoat's step-father, Harry Waggoner, owned the home. He said it was possible that the 52-year-old was on methamphetamine at the time of the incident.

Hampton Rd. was blocked off in the area while crews are working at the scene. Witnesses at the scene said Hampton Rd was blocked off about a half-mile in either direction from the house.

State Police officers helped the Lane County Sheriff's Office with the situation. There were a half-dozen squad cars and three armored vehicles at the house.