Sheriff: Missing Riddle woman found in well on property

RIDDLE, Ore. -- The Douglas County Sheriff's Office says they have found the missing woman from Riddle.

Carolyne McCue, 82, was found by authorities after a follow-up search of the well on the property was conducted.

A camera was lowered into the well after McCue's niece, Denise Whitener, says a woman that worked on the property told officials McCue had given her a ride home last Tuesday. The woman said McCue had mentioned forgetting to turn off the pump.

Whitener had contacted KPIC News about a search the family was putting together and described her Aunt as a very loving and caring person.

"She's just a really good person," she said. "She's just a very kind person who helped everyone that ever needed it. Even to take a drive to the store to buy groceries, she would be there for that person, and she didn't even have money, but she would donate her last $20 to a cause if it was going to help someone."

Whitener told KPIC News that McCue had just gotten an offer on her property and was in the process of moving to Hawaii to be close to her 86-year-old sister.

The Douglas County Sheriff's office confirmed that McCue's body was located in the well around 3:30 p.m. on Monday.

Authorities say that McCue's body was submerged in the well, and it appears that she fell through the plywood cover.

Officials say they are now working on recovering her body from the well.