Sheriff: Man found in attic crawl space after standoff

DORENA, Ore. - With the help of armored vehicles, deputies tried talking Roger Len Kephart.

They tried flash-bang devices.

They tried gas.

Finally, a specially trained police unit entered Kephart's Row River Road residence and found the man hiding in an attic crawl space.

Sheriff's deputies arrested Kephart, 42, on three counts of being felon in possession of a firearm and one count of resisting arrest.

The situation started around 1:30 p.m. with a call to 911. The caller told dispatchers Kephart was outside his Row River Road home yelling and beating on the doors and windows of the home, the sheriff's office said.

The caller also said Kephart might have access to firearms and that the caller could hear Kephart making death threats to an un-named person, the sheriff's office said.

The Lane County Sheriff Office said deputies had responded to the residence in the past for "shots fired" calls, and that Kephart has prior history for weapon offenses.

A Lane County deputy and an Oregon State Police trooper responded to the residence and saw Kephart with what appeared to be dried blood on his face, the sheriff's office said.

They saw Kephart run from them and into the residence and begin barricading himself inside.

Kephart would not respond to law enforcement personnel on scene, the sheriff's office said.

The investigation left police uncertain whether Kephart was alone in the house. Given the report of possible threats, additional law enforcement responded to the scene.

The sheriff's office used armored vehicles to help officers safely approach the home. Attempts to contact Kephart by loudspeaker didn't work.

The sheriff's office said pepper and then gas rounds were deployed into the residence.

When that didn't work, the Lane County Special Response Team entered the home and located Kephart, the sheriff's office said.

Earlier Story

COTTAGE GROVE, Ore. - Police surrounded a home and brought in armored vehicles after a report of a domestic disput at a home about 20 miles east of Cottage Grove on Thursday afternoon.

State police, sheriff's deputies and Cottage Grove Police were still all on the scene Thursday evening.

The situation started around 1:30 p.m. Thursday with a report of a domestic dispute between a woman and a man.

Officials at the scene confirmed the woman is out of the house.

They aren't sure if the man is inside the house or not.

Law enforcement surrounded the home and have attempted to make contact with the man believed to be inside.

Witness accounts describe law enforcement officers attempting to contact a person in a home by bullhorn.

"We ended up driving up there," said Karen Ward, who saw a steady wave of police vehicles pass her home on their way up river Thursday afternoon.

Ward and her husband saw 3 armored "like big Hummer" rigs.

Meegan Fringer and Deborah Perdew both saw camoflauged armored vehicles pass their homes.

"I am next to the Dorena Elementary and my brother lives 4 miles on past," Fringer said. "He said he can hear them going on up past him! This is getting really scary!"

Ward estimated the scene was 20 miles east of Cottage Grove.

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