Sheriff: Man found dead near Glide after 50-foot fall

GLIDE, Ore. -- A man is dead after the Sheriff's office says he fell over an embankment and into the North Umpqua River. His body was found on Monday.

Deputies say first responders from the Glide Fire Department and Fire District #2 located a man laying at the water's edge in the 23000 block of North Umpqua Haighway just before 5:00 pm.

Authorities say the man was identified as Robert Patrick Brislan II, 27, of Roseburg.

Brislan was first reported missing Monday afternoon, and Sheriff's Deputies say it was only a short time later that the body was found.

Brislan was walking along the edge of the highway when he fell over a 50 foot embankment, deputies said. "Some friends and family members called to report they had found the young mans body at the edge of the North Umpqua up near Idleyld Park," said Dwes Hutson of the Sheriff's office.

First responders repelled down to Brislan's body, which was later recovered with a boat, the Sheriff's office said.

Firemen repelled down, and a boat was then used for recovery.

The Sheriff's office says they are still investigating the death, but don't suspect foul play.