Sheriff discusses budget cuts with community

EUGENE, Ore. - Sheriff Tom Turner and his team met with the community to address concerns and discuss possible solutions on Wednesday at the Serbu Youth Center.

"You're elected by the community that you serve. I need to know what's going on, what they want," said Turner. "It just works better that way."

The serious subjects were discussed in a candid tone.

From deputy cuts to early releases for jail inmates, all the list of concerns stem from budget cuts.

Sherry Lyons, a Eugene resident, came out to voice her concerns, and give her suggestions. "There's got to be a time and a place for brain storming, where all ideas are good ideas."

"There has to be some way that we collectively can come up with some ideas," Lyons said.

Sheriff Turner said the budget may be low but his office's desire for public input is high. "This is our most challenging time ever. And so this is the time when we need people the most."

One of those needs is volunteers, filling certain gaps with people willing to serve in areas like search and rescue.