Sheriff: 4 charged in stabbing

ALBANY, Ore. - Four people face criminal charges after a stabbing near a known homeless camp intended to send the victim "a message."

The victim suffered one penetrating stab wound and a possible broken hand.

The Linn County Sheriff's Office responded just after midnight early Thursday morning at the request of the Corvallis Police Department. The homeless camp, just outside the Benton County city of Corvallis, is across the county line in Linn County.

The victim was able to ID a possible suspect. He told invesigators the stabbing happened near the Highway 34 bypass near a makeshift camp, the sheriff's office said.

Police and deputies went to the camp and made contact with people there.

According to the investigation, Steven Thompson had a physical altercation with the victim. As Thompson held the man on the ground, Emily Kinney kicked the victim in the head while Craig Kinney and Ian Chapman also kicked and punched the man, the sheriff said.

Kinney then stabbed the victim several times, the sheriff said.

The people involved told investigators they did not intend to kill Bradford, just send him a message to leave them alone.