'She really lived for those kids and the family'

SEATTLE -- One of the women killed in the May 30 Seattle shootings is being remembered as a gregarious friend, a loving parent and a leader in her industry.

Gloria Koch Leonidas died in the carjacking at 8th and Seneca in Seattle. She was a wife and mother to two daughters.

Her girls are sixth and 11th graders at the Seattle Academy of Arts and Sciences, where she was a dependable volunteer.

"She really believed in education," says Jim Rupp, the Admission Director for SAAS. "She lived for those kids and the family, so she was always here. She was a major presence in her personality. She was someone you could always count on, in wanting to roll up her sleeves and get involved. If you needed somebody, she was somebody you could go to without question."

When she was carjacked, Gloria was midway between the school and the lighting company where she worked in sales. Her career in lighting was a clear passion.

She spent decades involved with the Illuminating Engineering Society, first in Texas, then New York and finally 13 years ago, in the Puget Sound chapter.

Colleagues say she touched countless people in their profession.

"Gloria was just an amazing person to work with and she was incredibly generous with her experience and expertise and shared that with everyone that she worked with," said Antonia Giacobbe, IES president.

Those contributions were so great, the IES plans to honor Gloria, both locally and nationally.

"We'll be looking to make sure that whatever we come up with is something that truly recognizes and honors the contributions that Gloria's made to the lighting industry," Giacobbe said.