Sharing a piece of the Tracktown12 pie

EUGENE, Ore. -- The Olympic Track and Field Trials are in full swing, and local restaurants surrounding the field said they are sharing a piece of the Tracktown12 pie with vendors inside Hayward.

"Just a lot of very fit people coming, so I think it should continue to be busy," said front of the house manager Abbey Benedetti at Studio One Caf on 19th Street in Eugene on Friday.

With the Olympic Track and Field Trials just down the block, 19th Street staples like Studio One Caf said they are catering to a Tracktown12 crowd.

"We've been hiring lots of new people, and getting them all ready for the last month or so," said Benedetti as she stood in front of the kitchen in the cafe'. "So, we're ready."

But with the first few days of the trials up and running, Benedetti and other neighborhood restaurants on 19th Street said expected trial traffic has slumped a little.

"It was busier the last couple of days," said McMenamins East 19th St. Caf manager Melissa Leach, "but today I think the weather is having a huge effect on things."

The rains that battered Hayward Friday didn't stop visitors as they packed the field anyway.

Rain may have had something to do with slower business for neighborhood restaurants, but Leach said tough competition from food vendors inside Hayward Field is the real cause.

"Yea, I was told there was less this year than four years ago, but I still think it's impacting us," said Leach as she stood in front of the bar. "They can only serve so many people, and only so many people want to wait in line."

Meanwhile, at Hayward Field on Friday, fans waited in long lines for food and refreshments.

"Coffee is the longest," said Eugene Tracktown12 fan Emily Hollander as she waited in a long line for Allen Bros. Coffee. "It's cold! What is this?!"

Hollander said that despite long lines, eating at Hayward Field just made more sense for her during the trials.

"Cause then you don't have to go back and forth through security and have your bags checked," she said as she pointed to an even longer line to get inside the fan festival area surrounding Hayward Field.

Back on 19th Street, Leach said despite the tough competition from Tracktown12 food vendors she's not too worried.

"I figure once it's over and come night time, we'll be slammed," she added.