Senior Citizen Flash Mob: 'Age is just a number'

EUGENE, Ore. -- A group of dancers 60 years old and up dropped their prop canes and started swingin' at Oakway Center Saturday night as a part of a flash mob dance routine.

The mastermind behind the stunt, 73-year-old Dick "Flash Dance" Walker, organized the senior citizen flash mob. He said he came up with the idea back in March after watching a few flash mob videos on Youtube.

"I noticed that all of them are done by younger people ... and so I thought, 'I can do this! I wanna do it!'," Walker said.

Instead of recruiting flash-mobbers via the traditional social media route, Walker put a request in the local newspaper.

He said he got 116 responses.

After four months of practice, the group surprised the crowd Oakway Center on Saturday.

"Everybody was nervous of course, but they all got in there," Walker said. "They're great! They're right on cue, they're doing a great job!"

Walker said Saturday's success may lead the group to try flash mobbing somewhere else, proving that the elderly can be hip without breaking a hip.

"Age is just a number it's really how you feel and how you think. I've never felt like I was 73 never!"

70 or more dancers from the Eugene/Springfield area, appeared for a Flash Mob on Saturday, July 13, 2013 at Oakway Center's Heritage Courtyard. Choreographed by Robert Schwartz and Jen Hess. Produced and inspired by Richard "Dick Flash Dance" Walker. Thanks to Oakway Center. Videography by Mark Portman, TooMuchTimeOnOurHands Productions.